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Life in the Year 2050

EVeryone’s got their ideas about what the year 2050 will be like for America. So America and the rest of the world reading this, here’s my ideas: Christmas in the year 2050 will involve robots who prepare our Christmas dinner, and to have variations on the background of our environment, there will be 3-D screens with different locations–the beach or even in a Charles Dickens setting. Everyone will have their cell phone stuck to there front tooth at all times so they can talk to anyone anywhere, anytime, and it’s waterproof, of course, so even in the shower or while swimming in the pool. CARs will fly, so you better have smashed-shingles ensurance on your house. Your pet will wear a collar that will tell the level of whether or not it’s hungry, thirsty, tired, agitated or in pain using a computerized chip. Toys will do all the talking, thinking and respond emotionally to kids so kids won’t actually haver to think about how to play with their toys, and get bored so you have more time as a parent to do what you want to. Contact lenses could give us the dreams we want with visual scenes through our eyes to our brain. Google, the popular search engine, will have the ability to search for intelligent life on other solar ssystems and give us humans here data on alien information collected. Everyone will have to pay to see real trees and virtual animals at the Eco-museum since all wildlife will have gone extinct with our polution–all real trees will have been replaced by artificial trees of exact trimming and that provide ample amounts of shade. Pajamas will be scented–lavender or vanilla–for better sleeping–aroma therapy that calms and soothes you. All trash bags will be scented–this reduces that strange garbage smell you always get no matter what is in it. That’s my view of the year 2050. Thank you for reading and let me know what you think at the comments section.


About annothray

I enjoy swimming, writing poetry and journaling, animals, fantasy and soft science fiction, playing drums and taking in nature. I have an Associate's with a concentration in psychology and enjoy understanding the unsolved mysteries of everyday experiences of others' and myself recorded here on this blog.

4 responses to “Life in the Year 2050

  1. njbdssajbn ⋅

    amazing really nice ideas … i like them alot i think ill use some of them for my assingment ………… no but really nice ideas

  2. Paolo ⋅

    Yeah nice ideas, i’m going to use them for my assingment too xD

  3. Reed

    i think this is pretty realistic except that i dont think you’ll have to pay to see real trees.

  4. surgeon2

    Yes I agree by the year 2050 there will be robots cleaning our houses and flying cars .The flying cars will fly and you can communicate and do your work as the robot flys the flying car and 3 dementional glasses so that you can see what your doing while your relaxing too and toys will talk and communicate and understand your children and airplanes will fly by robotic computers and commends and rockets will be launching and flying too and you will see the beyond the world as of now there are flying cars now been made to drive and fly too and in medicine and anatomy surgeons doctors the surgical insturments will talk and understand commends computers will talk and using digital and cable lines and internet search engines all over the world and using your cell phone at all times even in water boats will drive and use buoyancy to float in the water driven by robotic computers too so that you can enjoy your boat ride this is great too because My dream has turn to reality reality means its real sincerly Nadine Dambra

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